Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Starring: John Mills
Director: Charles Frend

Unrelenting docudrama of determined British explorer Robert Falcon Scott (Mills), highlighting the details of his last expedition to the South Pole. This saga of bravery and endurance features an especially moving finale. Music by Vaughan Williams, who later used part of this score in his seventh symphony.

This impeccable re-creation of the race to the South Pole superbly captures the unrelenting frustration of explorer Robert Scott's ill-fated final expedition. Gorgeously lensed and orchestrated by director Charles Frend. With stunning photographic effects, authentic narrative, but as drama it's curiously remote, only occasionally affecting. (110 mins.)

My Rating: ***

Movie Trivia: The Antarctic setting for Captain Scott's march homeward from the South Pole in Scott In Antarctic was in fact close to the Arctic Circle--almost as far from the true locale as it was possible to get. The main location was the vast glacier close to the small Norwegian town of Finse. Director Charles Frend and star John Mills were amazed to find that many of the citizens of Finse had personal memories of Captain Scott. The explorer had used the glacier in 1909 for trials of the motor sledges he took with him on his final and fatal expedition.

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